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PHP Web Development

The PHP development Services or personal homepage development employs the use of a scripting language that helps develop some of the most innovative web sites known to provide a unique experience. Our company specializes in the field and works with different businesses that outsources their website development.

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Our PHP developers are a team of highly dedicated individuals that have worked for many successful international projects such as those that have to do with retail, real estate, travel and many more. By using PHP we ensure that our clients get to have fast loading time.

Although software development processes can be tedious, complicated and long, we at tend to keep our PHP solutions short and simple. It’s important to get across to the clientele thus we make sure our solutions are easy and well comprehensible despite the complicated task of coding and development processing.

By connecting with us, we ensure efficient delivery of projects in the most professional manner. Our coding is clean and perfect as it goes through many stages of QA testing. Modern technological tools and frameworks help our company stand apart from among its competitors. Full cycle coding helps you keep track of what has been done and why. This way you are always aware of the progress of your website at every step of the way.

With a trained team of PHP developers that use the latest agile methodologies, our company guarantees the effective running of your applications and websites.

PHP is among those of primarily incorporated scripting languages that were intended for php web development plus it is freely available. In addition, for making the most out of a website and for its higher efficacy, the implantation of HTML code with PHP is also done. There are particular processing instructions for beginning and starting in which the PHP is fringed for the switching of the script to the mode of PHP.

PHP is also meant as a scripting language which processes on a server and initially meant for purposes of web development. Predominantly, PHP has the acronym as “Personal Home Page” but, at present it has a successive acronym as “Hyper Preprocessor”.

PHP turns out to be web frameworks, web template, and web CMS once after its implantation with either HTML or HTML5 markup.

For interpretation of PHP code, there is a PHP interpreter which is executed as a web server component. After execution, the web serve merges the results of the interpreted code and foster it as the data or picture on the website. There is a free software introduced under the PHP license called the Zend Engine which supports PHP interpreter.

  1. Easy deployment due to its availability as an open source platform and effective to cost.
  2. Custom PHP web development is effectual which fosters the creation of outstanding websites.
  3. PHP is flexible in nature which implies to its compatibility with every kind of operating systems.
  4. It is an impeccable and easy programming language for website development.
  5. It assists in quick loading of your websites contrasting to the other original websites.
  6. The implantation of the HTML code with PHP is trouble free for web developers.
  7. It costs very less to buy this software plus its hosting also costs lower than what the regular does.
  8. The connectivity of this software with the database allows easy processing due to its flexible nature.
  9. Central to your website, PHP functions well with CMS.
  10. This type of scripted language principally designed to develop excellent websites.

Our Process


Understanding what you want out of your site and how do you plant to implement it.



We develop content management systems for clients who need more than just the basics



After successful testing the product is delivered / deployed to the customer for their use



It is an important step which makes sure that your site works with efficiency all the time


What we Offer

KoolBrains is offering PHP web development services in Pakistan. You will be going to need PHP development services for the following amazing reasons:

Web Enablement of Any Legacy Applications

Customized Web Portal Solutions

Community Site Development

Custom Social Network development

E Commerce Solutions

Internet and Intranet solutions

Specific Custom Applications as per client Demand

Corporate Web Based Solutions

Business Applications

Payment processor integrations

There were many other scripting and programming languages to use for numerous of websites before the advent of PHP. In the current era, the percentage of websites depending or utilizing PHP is nearly 80% and is exceeding every day. This expresses the high quality services and facilitation that PHP provided to a whole heap of websites.

There are considerable factors which made PHP capable to surpass all the peaks in the languages used by the developers for the development and commencement of websites. It is known to be as the best language for web programming due to following causes:

  • PHP as compared to ASP: As a matter of fact, ASP, is not a language, the real languages implemented to program ASP are C#, Jscript & Visual. This implies to its restricted availability on different platforms such as servers based upon Win32.
  • PHP as compared to ColdFusion: PHP offers quick loading to a website and can, in general, process on nearly all the platforms whilst ColdFusion is found to be limited.
  • PHP as compared to Perl: PHP is uncomplicated and simple for the web developers whereas contrasting to it, Perl is very multifaceted.

All of these can be undertaken as some of the reasons why PHP is preferred the most contrasting to the other languages. Contact KoolBrains for having outclass PHP web development services in Pakistan.

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Our web developers are experienced and certified

We build responsive websites that auto adapt to device screens

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