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Wordpress Website Development

With our WordPress website Development Services, KoolBrains can come up with a WordPress based website for your brand in no time. When we say website, it also includes an amazing theme along with plug-ins to go with it. Unlike other WordPress developers who come up with a chunky and slow website, we can come up with a fast, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing website for you and your brand that has been getting heavy traffic recently.

Now, what sets us apart from our competition? We focus on coming up with a website for you that provides you and the user the best possible online experience. Our professional WordPress developers also make sure that the website we create for can fulfill all your business related goals in no time at all.


Our WordPress Development Services in Dubai includes;

Custom-Built WordPress Website

We can code a complete new custom built website for you and brand from scratch if you ask for it. It is our motto – You ask, we deliver.

Themed Website Assembly

Like a premium or other-wise theme from the wordpress theme gallery? No problem. We can always customize the theme you like in no time.

Secure you a Personal WordPress Domain

Getting hold of a relevant domain for your website is what makes us special. When all other sites give up, we come up with the right sort of Domain for your brand that will attract people towards your brand with you even having to promote it.

Amazing Content

Now another major part of getting traffic to your website is taking into account the type or the quality of the content that is taking up space in the major part of your website. We can always come up with an amazing content for your website that will attract the reader from a mile away, making them fall in love with your website and turn this potential client into a definite client.

Website Design

We use both HTML5 and CSS3 to come up with the right combination of layout and style for your website. This way, compared to your competitors, you might just be the proud owner of the best website on the block.

Mobile Friendly Website

We can make use of websites like Responsive to make sure that your website works properly in tablet and cellular devices as well as they do on a PC or a laptop.

WordPress Site Equipped With E-Commerce

Want as easy to handle buying and selling website? We can do that for you. We can create a website for you containing all the necessary plug-ins for you that will allow you to do that and more in no time at all.

WordPress Website Innovation

Need a website that works fast and attracts traffic like no other? Well, you have come to the right place. We can do that and more for you in no time at all. We can also come up with options that help your website be interactive and more user-friendly.

Empowered Website Users

What is the use of having an out of the world website if your staff cannot handle efficiently? This is why we can even train your staff on how to use the website we have created for you guys in no time at all.

Website Security

To protect your site from hackers and similar nefarious lot of people we safeguard your website against them using dedicated WordPress security providers.

Promoting Your Website

We also promote our client’s entire website (if they ask us to) by both organic and paid means. We can do on-site SEO for your website. We can also come up with inbound e-email marketing campaigns making use of their contact list if they want us to do so.
WordPress Dashboard

Since the primary purpose of building a WordPress Website was to give you the reins to the website once it is done, we even customize the WordPress admin area to make the management of your website easier and faster for you.
Software Integration

Keeping in mind the type of work your do, when we come up with the ideas for a website for your brand, we look for the best combination of design, plug-ins and content for your website. This includes linking your WordPress site to CRM/Sales Software as well as 3rd Part Software.

I hope you do decide to choose us to work on your website for you. I promise you that we will not disappoint you under any circumstances. You can always trust our brilliant WordPress development services to get you through all the highs and lows.

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We focus strongly on function and usability and train you to manage your website as a business asset. We go to great lengths to assure your content is delivered in such a way that visitors can easily and intuitively find the information they seek, resulting in a pleasant and productive user experience.


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